About Katie

Hello!  My name is Katie, The Herbivore at Home.  I am (in no particular order) a baby mom (to Cole), dog mom (to Patrick), wife (to Luke), special education teacher, and a vegan!  I have wavered between vegetarian and vegan over the years but have settled on being a vegan.  I have chosen the vegan lifestyle for its health benefits, but also because of the benefits for animals and the planet.  I hope to share what I have learned, and continue to learn, on this blog.

Finding vegan food is hard enough, but finding vegan home, beauty, and baby products is even harder!  I will share products that contain no animal products, do not test on animals, and are safe to use.  I switched to being a vegan about halfway through my pregnancy, so I will share being pregnant and breastfeeding while being a vegan.  Here and there I will share recipes or other tidbits from my life.  Enjoy!


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